Mitch Ryder: Red Scar Eyes (DCD)



  1. Yeah, You Right
  2. From A Buik 6
  3. I Guess Im Feeling Blue
  4. Detroit (By The River)
  5. The Porch
  6. Maikäfer fliege
  7. The New Mother
  8. Just One More Beautiful Day
  9. Dear Lord Won`t You Help This Child
  10. Another Bout Justice
  11. Decidedly British Blues
  12. How How How How
  13. Live / War
  14. Terrorist
  15. Freezin` in Hell
  16. Ain`t Nobody White
  17. Heart of Stone
  18. Wicked Massenger
  19. Red Scare Eyes
  20. True Love
  21. Gimme Shelter
  22. Soulkitchen

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